Man Dennis…

Since my Google Chat session last night with a fellow M who serves in DR Congo I have been anticipating his next update. I just received it and wanted to share his thoughts with you:

I know not all of you are Southern Baptists, but most of you are, so you probably know what I’m referring to when I say Lottie Moon. I also know that for 10 years I was a member in a Southern Baptist church and had no idea what LMCO was besides the fact that whoever Lottie Moon was, she was really short. Well now I want to clear up any confusion! How exciting right? Lottie Moon was a missionary to China back in the early 1900s, and she gave her life serving our Lord there. Nowadays, the LMCO is collected to support me, and 5500 other international missionaries all around the world. The offering is just like giving directly into our budget account. So you can call it the D. R. Congo Water Filter Project Christmas Offering if you want to. But that’s not nearly as cool of a name as the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. The money that you will give this year will go to the WF project, as well as countless other projects all around the world just like it. Projects that are focused completely on getting the good Word of Jesus Christ to people who currently put their faith in something else, something that will fail them in the end. Most importantly, the money you give this year will help the imb send more missionaries out to other places in the world in the coming years. Here’s a heartbreaking fact: At my orientation (one of 4 this year) there were 67 journeymen (people doing the same program I am doing). In the entire calender year of 2010 the company will only be able to send 50 new journeymen with the budget that they currently have. Your giving this year will improve that number in the coming years. There are men and women (even in Birmingham and Auburn) who feel the call to go, but the imb cannot send them because of the lack of funds. So this year, this week, as you give to the LMCO keep the faces of the Congolese in mind, as well as the faces of billions of people across the world that will have an opportunity to hear the good news that there is a Savior that has paid their debt and offers them eternal life, and His name is Jesus Christ.

If you want more names to put with the LMCO, think about: Rusty, Debbie, Tyler, Jennifer, Brian, John, Anna C, Grace, Steven, Rebecca, Ryan, Brian, Kathleen, David, Melinda, Rich, Lisa, Naomi, Alison, John, Angela, Ginna, Katie, Brian, Karen, Emily, Allison, Rick, Valerie, Ronnie, Rachel, Nate, Lindsay, Sarahann, Mallory, Mark, Melynda, Scott, Sandra, Justin, Erica, Cassandra, Derek, Audrey, Stacia, Mandy, Mark, Justin, Eric, Andrea, Scott, Landon, Melanie, Janet, Mallory, Cliff, Ali, Eric, Jeremy, Brian, Pablo, Carmen, Brad, Georgia, Tim, Anna, Brent, Amanda, Adam, Becky, Casey, Patricia, Alice, Matt, Megan, Jim, Linda, Damon, Heidi, Josh, Sarah, Jonathan, Melinda, Karen, Jim, Vicki, Pop, Wilma, Christy, Steve, Joanna, Sara, Matt, Kelly, Rick, Jessica, Audra, Rachel, Katey, Danielle, David, Doug, Marissa, Keelan, Lindsey, Daniel, Diana, Kevin, Randy, Kittie, Amber, David, Alicia, Jim, Karis, Landon, Tim, Kate, and the thousands of lives that will be touched with the good news through these friends.

You can read more about his time in the DRC HERE ON HIS BLOG