Mananjary Market in October














This is a hat culture. Men and women wear hats and you do not have to remove your hat to greet people.












This is mangahazo, a cassava root that they boil and eat for breakfast.






This is charbon used to cook their rice and casava root.












This is sugar cane. The kid’s teeth rot very quickly because they start eating the cane as a baby.





The bananas are grown all around for export. They load them on trucks to send to the cities so finding ripe bananas is sometimes a challenge.






Mananjary is on the coast. This is a mixed salt-water and fresh-water inlet behind the market.







Malagasy are resourceful because they use everything more than once.






More cassava, but peeled.






I bought the two hatchet heads on the left.

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  1. Love the insight. Thanks for these pics, Tim! Very nice. I wonder if this is a market close to home? The produce looks great, and the picture of the little naked child behind the boat is a great shot. Sweet little naked child.

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