Mananjary North

Tim drove to the Mananjary [mahn-ahn-zah-ree] River on Friday to spy the land and meet the people. The river is deep and wide and can only be crossed by dug-out canoe. After crossing, Tim hiked about 3km in to a village and met with the elders there. They sat, talked, pondered over Tim’s fishing pole and decided they need to see how it works. After 30 minutes of fishing and not catching anything in a part of the river the elders swore had fish, they were not convinced that newer is better. They decided that their hand-pulled lines and nets were better than Tim’s reel and pole…

Tim’s conclusion from the trip:

  • Newer may not always be better.
  • Someone must be very determined, very committed, to start and maintain a relationship with people from the villages at this distance from the road and across a river.
  • Due to their location, they are more “village” in their worldview and therefore very suspect of a white person venturing out that far just to visit them.
  • Many of the villages Tim visited had no pre-existing Lutheran or Catholic church buildings which makes Tim want to return.




















One thought on “Mananjary North

  1. Oh my goodness. Those are some beautiful faces! And I can definitely see how the villages having no Catholic or Lutheran church buildings would make you want to continue going out there! 🙂

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