Mark Your Calendar – A Day in June

The tickets are being booked and we will land Stateside in late June, 2013. The plan is to stay until early January, 2014 and return to Madagascar. With the end of 2012 near we have already evaluated our work for the year and have discussed what our priorities will be for the six months we are here in 2013. Already we have given more independence to the gathering of believers in AKZ so they can begin to make decisions absent of Tim’s input; Liberating the believers is imperative to thrust them out of the shadow of the M. They as a local gathering of believers need to feel the imperative to preach, make disciples and baptize without Tim present to hand-hold.

Please pray:

  • that we finish 2012 well.
  • that God grants us wisdom as we write a rough draft of goals for six months of work in 2013.
  • that He sustains us and helps us consider all things pure joy.


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