May 5 in AKZ

Tim hiked to AKZ Saturday and slept in a tent. Many thanks to the church in Texas for the tent, to Jeremy for the hiking poles and to Adam for the ankle brace. All these things allowed Tim to get to the village (very slowly) and stay the night to be with the believers there.

While there, Papan’i Dery (PD) shared with Tim what he is learning in Acts. His knowledge of multiple stories from Acts shows that he is using the SD card with the Malagasy Bible. Thanks to the church in Texas for the funds used for the SD card project.

The group in AKZ is still meeting weekly for worship in Tim’s absence. They continually express that they want more teaching from the Bible. Part of their plea is fueled by other denominations around them telling them they are not real believers or a real church. PD has responded simply by noting that their “gospel” when compared to the one he reads in his Bible is no “gospel” at all, but a works-based system that cannot give new life in Jesus.

Please pray:

– For the believers in AKZ to stand firm in their faith ALONE in Jesus.

– That the believers in AKZ answer insult and ridicule with a clear preaching of the gospel.

– That they believers in AKZ are burdened for the lost around them and are compelled to share the gospel.




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