Momentum in AKZ

For those new to the site. Welcome. Here is a recap of what God is doing among the Tanala.

We singled out Ankazotsara, one of 100s of Tanala villages, to start teaching through the book of Acts in order to learn about the first church. We have gone to AKZ every Thursday for about fourteen weeks.

The group in AKZ is seeing the roadmap of Acts 1:8 unfold before their eyes. Jesus promised His followers in Acts that “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” They have learned from Acts 8:1 that God accomplished this promise through the persecution of the church, led by Saul. They know that the persecution drove out ofJerusalemthe followers of Jesus to Judea andSamaria. Today they learned that after Saul was blinded, received his sight and faith in Jesus, he boldly proclaimed Jesus as the Messiah.

We have emphasized each week that every follower of Jesus has the same responsibility as those in the early church, to be His witness in their Jerusalem, surrounding area and to the end of the earth. We are here in Madagascar because God called us to the end of the earth. This challenge is taking root in the life of Low-low and Ramano. While waiting for others in our core group to arrive, Low-low casually mentions she went to Ambalafasina, a village about 2km away. Following Tanala tradition, she met with the king and asked permission to meet with the whole village to share the gospel. The king granted her request and the entire village will hear the gospel next week on Wednesday, October 19.

Pray for Low-low and Ramano because I will ask them to tell their story of how they met Jesus and how He changed their life. Ask for them to receive wisdom and clarity in thought to share their story in front of an entire village. Pray that when the gospel is preached God would pierce hearts. Pray for many to believe, call on Jesus as Lord and show their faith in Jesus through baptism.