No Water in the Rainforest

I guess we got too comfortable with the rains coming everyday or every few days and forgot to track the water remaining in our cistern. We are out of water in our cistern and have about 150 Liters of water (40 gallons) in the tower so we have virtually stopped using water with exception for the bathroom. There is a community water pump nearby but it is running at half speed for a few hours each day and is the primary source of water for all our neighbors. They do not look favorably on us wanting to take hundreds or thousands of liters, preventing them from receiving water. Which leaves the river. We have a gasoline water pump provided by IMB to pump water from the river. The river water is….river water, full of debris, silt and various microscopic friends. With only two weeks until we leave the house for Stateside Assignment, we will try to avoid flooding our clean cistern with river water and wait for rain.

Though we are out of water we have possibly too many boxes. We saved boxes from our move here in 2010 and we kept boxes from another family’s move to the coast in 2012 so we have a LOT of boxes. With all our action packers, boxes and plastic barrels we certainly have enough to pack down the house over the next two weeks. With so little time remaining we are now focused on saying goodbye, packing the house, and preparing for our transition Stateside. Pray that the transition is smooth…



3 thoughts on “No Water in the Rainforest

  1. Shhesh. Sorry for no water. BUT, excited for you guys that you are leaving on your stateside adventure in 2 weeks. Praying for your transition. Way to finish strong during this season!

  2. We are praying for y’all. Two more weeks to go! Praying for strength, endurance, and rain! Please call me Anna!!

  3. Praying for all of you as you pack up and say your goodbyes. Praying, also, for some rain between now and when you leave so that you don’t have to resort to the river water! Praying for a smooth transition, especially for the kiddo’s. I know the grandparents and other relatives are very anxious to see all of you!!!



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