Not the Same Gospel

Tim worshiped in AKZ this morning. He has been slowly scaling back his presence there to allow them to hold their own as a local gathering of believers. Inevitably the false teachers have been waiting for this moment. A Catholic catechist visited Papan’ i Dery (PD) recently to urge him to bring his group to the Catholic church instead of praying in his home. Without hesitation he explained what Paul warned the church at Galatia in Galatians 1:9 about false gospels. PD told the catechist that salvation is by faith in Jesus’ finished work on the cross and His resurrection and not by his attendance at the Catholic church. Tim could only laugh in amazement as PD told of his bold declaration to the catechist that the Catholic gospel and the gospel found in the Bible are not the same.

Thanks for praying for the believers in AKZ. Keep praying:

– for PD and others in AKZ to grow in boldness as wolves circle the sheep. “feed the sheep and kill the wolves.” – MD

– for the men of AKZ to live holy lives as they move into positions of leadership.

2 thoughts on “Not the Same Gospel

  1. Awesome work God is doing through such faithful followers of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Prayers for a very special holiday season to all. You guys deserve some time as family. Love this and love you all so much mom

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