November 3, 2012 – One Night in AKZ

Tim and Anjara lehibe go to AKZ today in the rain and will sleep there. Anjara will teach both lessons this weekend; Tim will observe. The believers will put those lessons into practice next week for their Sunday gathering as they worship in Tim’s intentional absence. Already the believers are baptizing new believers and celebrating the Lord’s Supper in Tim’s absence. They are very much like a pre-Acts 14:23 church. We are beginning a new schedule this month, praying only two Sundays each month in the village. This allows the believers to gain a sense of independence from the M and opportunities to fail forward in their relationship with Jesus individually and corporately.

Please Pray:

  • the Holy Spirit grants understanding of the Word to the believers in order that they grow in knowledge and faith.
  • the rains provide us opportunities to enter into new homes in AKZ.
  • for Anjara who is very active in sharing his faith to be bold this weekend.
  • for people to hear and believe in Ifanadiana (IFD) so we can worship with them on Sundays.