Ny Zamba Sekoly

Last week we went went to a Lutheran school for the blind. This was an opportunity for us to use our language with the children. Though they could not see us, our limited language skills told them that we were not locals.

It was great to see the school challenging these kids in education. Above, a child is using a Braille Board to spell out a word. They used screws for the pegs to put in the holes, intuitive for using whats available.

For older students in the program they had typewriters available. They would type the same letters/words over and again to build muscle memory to learn the location of the keys. I know people who can see and still have difficulty typing; I cannot imagine learning this skill by touch alone.


This is how they learn about organs in the body. Each one would come forward to touch the display describing the path of the digestive tract and function of each organ.

We enjoyed our time with the kids and noted how much more we need to learn the language. It can be frustrating wanting to talk with a child to share the gospel with him but being so limited in ability. Please pray for us in our language studies. Also pray we would not let language hinder us from seeking ways to share.

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