Olé: The Tale of a Hilux and a Bull

The roads near are house are still damaged and crumbling from Cyclone Irina back in March. One section of the road turns into a single lane with a 5 Meter drop into the river on one side and a drainage ditch on the other. As we drove through this narrow pass yesterday evening a bull decides that he has the right-of-way and merges into the road. At nearly 60Kph with no alternate lane we had to take the hit. Minus the side-view mirror the Hilux is fine. I’m sure the bull had a headache.




2 thoughts on “Olé: The Tale of a Hilux and a Bull

  1. How are you, Anna, and babies did any of you get hurt? Praying for better ways to get around. Let us all know how you guys are doing. love mom

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