OmniPost: a Foot, a Conference and a Plan

The doctor said Tim had Malaria. Tim was not convinced because of how quickly the illness left. When he had Malaria in Uganda in 2004 he was sick for two weeks unable to get out of bed or go far from his room. This time the fever/chill cycles were present, but the tablet medicine proved more effective than the Quinine shots in Uganda. Tim is also up and walking around some. His foot still swells some in the evening if he moves around too much, but otherwise there is visible healing which is an encouragement to us all.

Anna and kids are getting back to routine in the home. Today they are doing arts and crafts at the kitchen table. Later Anna and Judah will review ABC school and a basic addition/subtraction math lesson.

We have been planning for our Stateside Assignment for more than 9 months and we are nearing the day to get on a plane and return to the States. Anna, Judah & Anzara visited the States last year, but it will be more than 3 1/2 years for Tim since he has been Stateside. We are excited about the travels ahead and are stoked about the Missionary-in-Residence program at North Greenville University. Mark the date on your calendar for the Global Missions Conference, September 9-11, 2013Over TEN MISSIONARIES from Madagascar will join us for the event!

As time nears to get on a plane, we are re-accessing the work that must be done before we take a long pause from the task. All the work stopped when Tim injured his foot. Our hope is that he will have FULL MOBILITY by the end of April and so we can reengage the work in the villages. We also are preparing to pack our house for storage while we are away; we would return to a mold lab here in the high humidity climate if we did not pack and store our things.
Please Pray:

  • a prayer of praise that we are privileged to preach Jesus as Savior King to the Tanala!
  • For Anna and the kids as they continue to set the pace for the final days leading up to our Stateside Assignment.
  • For Tim to regain FULL MOBILITY in his left foot by the end of April.
  • For our health over the next few months as we move into a time of great transition.
  • For wisdom as we make decisions about our life and ministry in Madagascar




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  1. It’s a bit crazy to think Tim hasn’t been in the states in 3.5 years. I wonder about the thoughts/emotions he must be having. I wonder how the kids will do…or what they will think! Isn’t it nuts that we won’t even get to see you while you are in the states, cause we are in Africa? HA! Crazy how God does things. We will be praying for you guys as you finish up the work there for the time being. Love you, praying for quick healing, and for continued work.

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