On the Move…

Anna, Judah and Anjara fly to South Africa on Thursday. They will land in Johannesburg on Friday and stay the night at the IMB guest house. Then they fly to Mada on Saturday.

Tim drives to Tana on Thursday. He will pick up the new diesel generator purchased with special gift funds given by Summit Baptist Church, Grand Prairie, Texas. THANK YOU SUMMIT BAPTIST CHURCH!

Our family will be reunited on Saturday afternoon and begin the ten hour journey home on Sunday or Monday.

Please Pray:

  • for Anna as she makes two international flights with two small children.
  • for all of the interactions with airport staff to be filled with grace and compassion
  • for all her luggage to make it to Joburg, then to Tana and be protected from theft that is common in the South African airport.
  • for Tim as he drives ten hours direct to Tana.
  • for everyone to be healthy, well rested from whatever sleep is given and joy that they are together again.


























3 thoughts on “On the Move…

  1. I’ll pray for your family and the safe journey home because we all know the way you drive. I can’t imagine throwing a 3rd world country in the mix. LOL

  2. Finally a comment I can respond to. I have no excuses for the way I drive; I can only pretend it is half as intense as Ostrich racing across the Saharan sand dunes… Thanks for praying…

  3. I am praying for safe flights and driving. We really enjoyed playing with the kids and visiting with Anna. Need to see my son soon. Love you all mom

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