On The Move Again…

We just returned from Botswana to South Africa. We visited the Turners who live in Botswana and also serve with IMB. It was about a 5 hour drive from Johannesburg to where they live. It was amazing to see the mountains and countryside of Northern South Africa. The border crossing was interesting. We had to get out of the vehicle twice to register papers. Our vehicle was searched and I was asked to register the serial number of my laptop. Pretty random request, I think…

During our visit we went to a Wildlife Reserve. There were TONS of animals in the park as we drove through: Impala, Hems-lock Buck, Kudoo, Elephants, Ostrich, Warthog, Giraffe, and several species of birds. Tim used Brent’s 300mm lens to capture some really great photos during the game drive.

The Norton and Turners, Jan. 2010

Icecream social on the side of the road.

Judah loves wearing daddy’s hat!

We leave Saturday for Kenya. Tim is attending modular classes there to finish his International Church Planting MDiv from Southeastern Seminary. After two weeks of class we will return home to Mada.

3 thoughts on “On The Move Again…

  1. Great seeing the group photo!! Tim – we're not used to seeing your hair sooo short! Love the animals too – I bet that was an awesome day!! Who needs a zoo, when you can just…drive and see the elephants!!

  2. Great pictures!! Judah almost had the whole ice cream in his mouth. So funny. He is precious. You guys are missed.

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