One in a Million

This morning I went to OMERT, short for L’Office Malagasy d’Etudes et de Régulation des Télécommunications. This was my fourth visit to the office in attempt to apply for my Madagascar Amateur Radio License. I was exempted from the French written exam and the Operator Proficiency On-air Interview because I am already licensed in the US. After going through three offices, filing forms, having to pay the fees at the post office on the other side of town and teaching their technician how to use his equipment to listen to the International Space Station so he would approve my use of that frequency I successfully received my license.

My callsign is 5R8Z in Madagascar and KJ4NCD in the US.

I learned today that am one of only 21 Ameteur Radio Operators in Madagascar. The population of Madagascar is 21.2 million. That makes me one in a million.