Our First Cyclone of the Season

Praying for rain to fill the cistern, Tim pulled in a weather forecast with the radio and saw a rotating system moving toward the island. The system is small and moving slow. We don’t think it will a powerful storm but we’ll continue to track the system this week. I think they actually named the cyclone “One.”




Tim marked the general location of where we live on the island.

Images used from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.






2 thoughts on “Our First Cyclone of the Season

  1. praying for rain needed and nothing more from this big storm. I pulled the Wundermap up and can see it better from their sat. it looks like the rain bans will be there by tomorrow. Stay safe, and hug those babies. love mom

  2. Well, maybe Cyclone “One” will bring some good rain to fill the cystern… Praying for your safety and for a weak, but rainy storm.

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