Over One Sinner Who Repents

Tim heard two weeks ago that Fara, a woman in Ankazotsara heard and believed the gospel. He has only met Fara once and did not realize it was the woman who believed until after she left the group.

Tim hikes to AKZ today to meet with some of those from the weekly group. He will look for Fara and ask to hear her story about meeting Jesus. He will also visit Ramano and Lo-lo at their home across the river.

Pray God gives us wisdom to know not only how to feed the new beleivers in AKZ but also how to meet human needs. We see in Acts that the first church provided for one another’s needs. We want to participate in Christian community in AKZ both in teaching the Word and in meeting needs. Several possibilities exist to help the believers, but we want to ensure that the help is truly help and not a hindrance. Examples of possible help could include: a literacy program led by the village school teacher, a seed-drive program that would allow the believers of AKZ to share a field for planting and harvesting, or a food relief project for a family or families in need.

This Friday we go to Fianarantsoa (1.5 hours away). Anna will go to a women’s Bible Study. Tim will go to the hardware store to buy PVC pipes to provide a drain for our kitchen sink. The kids will eat ice cream. Its going to be a good trip…