Peoples of Southeast Madagascar

I submitted photos today to IMB for several Unengaged, Unreached People Groups (UUPGs) in Southeast Madagascar. All these photos were taken on RN12 on the coastal road.

I have intentionally not listed which people group they are until I match the locations with the people. Maybe I can add the PGs at a later time and make this a permanent page.














All of the people groups shown here are currently “unengaged” by IMB Ms. The jobs to work among them are available now. Contact IMB for more info.

Please pray:

  • that you consider your role in reaching the nations, Southeast Madagascar specifically.
  • that followers of Jesus accept His calling them to come here and work with the Antaifasy, Antainosy and Antaisaka people of Madagascar.
  • for the Ms already engaging the Tanala and Antaimoro of Southeast Madagascar, that they press on in evangelism and discipleship.




One thought on “Peoples of Southeast Madagascar

  1. Tim, great shots. These are beautiful people, and you captured them beautifully. Praying as you seek God for workers and guidance in serving these people for Jesus and making HIS name & love known to them. Send workers to Mada, Lord; send willing believers to make your name known.

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