Prayer Request – Mirana’s Health

Please pray for God to heal Mirana who has a health complication that will require her to end her time here in the forest and return to Antsirabe for better care. Pray that God comforts her through this valley and leads her beside still waters again. Pray for her family to encourage her and support her. Pray that God gives her clarity to see His glory in all of creation, even in our sinned-cursed broken bodies.

3 thoughts on “Prayer Request – Mirana’s Health

  1. EEk. Was this a surprise? So sorry to hear this news. Just took some time to pray for her.

  2. How is she doing? Any updates? We’ll try to send an email with our updates soon and see how things are for you guys.

  3. Will, thanks for asking. She just left the forest on Monday. I will give an update soon. Looking forward to hearing about Orlando FB’s plans.

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