Proof of Life

for those of you who have asked for a proof of life photo…

…i forgot the newspaper showing the date…

6 thoughts on “Proof of Life

  1. AWE!!! I love it!! This is a great picture! I’ve missed hearing from you guys, but you look great!! The kiddos are getting big! Love to all of you- Dawn, Eric, Evie & baby boy on the way

  2. Yes! Yes! YES!!! Proof of life! It is so good to see your picture, and to see updates on your blog!! We also received an update via mail a week or so ago, which was a wonderful surprise as well!! Great to see your smiling faces; praying for you often! I hope that this means you have internet again?!

  3. So glad to see that you are back online. Have been praying for you and that the internet got worked out.

  4. You all look great. Judah is growing up so fast, he is such the handsom little fellow. Julianna is a beautiful little girl. So glad to see faces, and pictures. will be praying for Tim’s safe trip, and for Anna and the babies to also safe and their well being. Love and hugs MOM

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