put a lid on it – Fohabe

I updated the Tanala Villages – Fohabe page with a story from the king.

The volunteer team survived the seven hour hike to the village. Members of the team shared their testimony, hosted games for kids and adults, and shared the gospel in groups or with individuals with the help of our translators. Thank you Sandy, Eufrasy, and Mirana for your help in translating, you were essential to our time in Fohabe. The volunteer team showed God’s Story and the Jesus film. Rivo, one of our national partners, is the narrator for the Malagasy edition of God’s Story. Thank you to NorthPoint and others who supported the recording project.

When we arrived in the village the wood building structure was not finished. They had a few of the vertical and horizontal supports up, but did not have enough wood for the trusses. The lack of construction was a disappointment to some of the volunteers because they were not able to help put on the roof, but was a learning lesson on Africa time. We have learned that we can send letters, schedule meeting times, or ask for confirmation of an event but the reality is that something will happen when it happens. This affects every aspect of our work in the rainforest and is why our life here is a slow roll.

Men from Fohabe carried the last of the roofing panels to Fohabe yesterday. The king had difficulty with some of the volunteers because they wanted to be paid to carry the materials. The king reminded them that BGR gave them these panels for free and that should make their heart happy to carry the panels back to the village for the future education of their children.

Partnering with BGR in this project is helpful to our future work among the other villages because we can explain that IMB did not pay for the materials. Even in our visit to Amandrovany this week we were asked to build them a school like in Fohabe. We explained that we facilitated the relationship between BGR and Fohabe, but we did not purchase the materials. We want to be clear in our purpose in the rainforest; we are not here to build buildings but to rightly preach and teach the Word and move groups of believers towards church.

I will get photos from Heather and provide a final update to the project in Fohabe once the building is complete.