Ramano’s Faith

Several visitors came to worship this morning. The consensus from the older believers was that the gospel must be preached for the visitors to hear.

Tim has discipled Ramano for several months. Tim has lost count how many times he has reminded Ramano of what the gospel is, often using the Picture Evangelism Tool. Someone once asked Tim, “Is he ready to lead?” A fair question, but if we wait for Ramano to be “ready” by Western seminary’s standard, then we would be waiting a long time. Instead, Tim has been pushing him to the front of the group and encouraging him to open his mouth to speak the Word into peoples’ lives. Here is Ramano preaching using the Picture Evangelism Tool.

Ramano not only lives out his faith as husband and father to his five kids, but also knows what he believes and is able to share it with others. We are thankful that men in our group are fulfilling their role as leader/teacher/shepherd. Please pray for Ramano to continue growing in the knowledge of God’s Word. Pray that he holds fast to the message he received and shares with others.

Freddy, one of the men who visited with his wife and kids, believed the gospel this morning and professed faith in Jesus for salvation. The older believers in the group “test” those who profess faith by asking them what they believe, what is the gospel? Freddy quickly retold the gospel as it was preached by Ramano. Freddy confessed before the whole group that he is a sinner and that Jesus paid the penalty for his sin on the cross. Ramano and Papan’ i Dery agreed he knows and believes the gospel.

We studied Scripture about the baptism by the Holy Spirit, water baptism and the difference between the two. He said he understood and was ready to be baptized. Lolo suggested he wait a week in order to preach the gospel to his wife so that she might believe too and be baptized together next Sunday. He agreed to retell the gospel to her this week in hope that she might believe.

Please pray for…

– Freddy who is a new believer. Pray he has assurance by the seal of the Holy Spirit.
– Vitasoa, Freddy’s wife, to hear, repent and believe the gospel.