We retreated to the rainforest of Madagascar this past week with other IMB Ms. This was a real treat for some, more like the forest we live in for us, yet a 13 hour drive away. And I’m learning that Ms like their retreats with it’s coffee, cookies, and confessing of the soul… However, a disadvantage to closing 25 people into a small room for hours on end is sickness. Almost everyone had stomach¬† sickness the day we traveled home on our curvy roads. Some even had a cold that trailed the first sickness. Tim is still stomach sick and has started a cold.

Though away from our home in the forest, we are still mindful of the things that await us upon our return. There is much to do in the few weeks before Anna and Judah fly to Joburg for the delivery. One pressing matter is to ensure the plumbers finish the work in the bathroom. Another is to make what is now just a room into a nursery for baby girl. More transition is coming in the weeks ahead…

2 thoughts on “Retreating

  1. Glad you guys had a good getaway, sorry for the GIs which I hope are now over.. Have a safe trip home and hopefully the piping and plumbing is fixed or fixable and the kids have not drained your water out. I hope Judah had a good time with other missionary children and I am sure that he will be excited about giving some space to Madee… he will soon learn what being a BIG BROTHER is all about…..Love DAD P

  2. Papa Mell and I are looking forward to cnnecting with you soon. Hopefully all will be well soon and those things that are necessary to be done will be completed without too much trouble. Take great care! Mimi

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