September 2011 Update

Anna has just finished our monthly update. Enjoy…

September has brought welcomed change, the first being in the form of visitors. The first week of September Anna’s dad and brother came to visit us in the rainforest. Their visit was refreshing enjoying the family-time. Judah loved playing chase in the backyard with his “Papa Mell” and “Uncle Seth.” Both kids were also happy to play on their new swing set that Papa Mell and Uncle Seth helped Tim build. During their visit, they were able to assist our team in medical ministry. Tim preached the gospel to a group of one hundred in Ankazotsara followed by a medical clinic. They saw many types of illnesses, malnutrition, and tropical diseases. One of the highlights of their trip was a hike through Ranomafana National Park. Anna, Seth and Mell were able to see a family of lemurs playing high in the tree top canopies. God’s creation is amazing.

After saying goodbye to Anna’s family, we welcomed Vololona [voo-loo-loo-nah] and her son, Anjara to their new home here in Ifanadiana. She is Judah’s former nanny when we lived in Antsirabe studying language. We are thankful for her help with Anna and the kids. Vololona is also a Christian and interested in our ministry here. We pray that her presence in our home will help Anna and Judah learn Malagasy. Judah loves to play with “Vololo”.

We are encouraged that a consistent Bible study group has formed in the village of Ankazontsara. Tim is teaching in Malagasy through the book of Acts . He and our team have been well recieved in this village. Lo-lo [Low-low] has opened her home for the studies and is modeling for others what house church looks like. Recently, she has expressed interest in sharing the gospel with a nearby village that she says has not yet heard. We are excited for the change we are seeing in her heart and the village of Ankazontsara.

Our kids are growing like weeds. Anjara is quite the little mover. She should soon be walking just in time for her first birthday in October. She is a bright joy and loves to sing and practice new sounds. Judah is active as always. He runs and plays soccer everyday with the Malagasy kids. He has begun to learn their names and the Malagasy greetings. He is our social butterfly.

We are thankful for your prayers and ask that you continue to pray for:

  •  The Norton family and the Tanala team’s continued good health. If one in the family is sick, it disrupts our ability to get out of the house and share,teach, preach the gospel.
  • Language learning. English is NOT spoken here. Without the ability to speak Malagasy we cannot share the gospel. We do praise God for Tim’s ability to now teach Bible lessons in Malagasy. Pray that our minds would retain what we study.
  • A smooth transition for Vololona and her son to life here in the rainforest. Her son will begin school here in October.
  • Pray for our journey girls, Cara and Heather, as their term comes to a close in October. They will be returning to the States. Please pray for their transition back to life in the States and wisdom in making future plans. Pray for our team as we will miss them. We praise God for the time they served with us.
  • A new job request that will be posted soon asking two new Journeymen guys to come live here in the rainforest. Pray that God would send us two guys that are ready to give up internet, facebook, hamburgers, cellphones, and ice cream for two years in order to share the gospel of Jesus(1 Cor. 15:1-5) with those who have never heard.

“May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us, that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.” Psalm 67:1-2