Spinning Plates

We get asked often what a typical day is for us in the forest. There’s not one really. Our work here is lot like spinning plates. I saw a video once of a guy that balanced spinning plates on rods attached to his feet, legs, arms and head. I think he managed to balance 20+ spinning plates at once. This is a perfect image of trying to live in a foreign culture, speak a different language every time outside the home, evangelize, disciple believers, spend time with family, fill out work related forms, stay connected to churches in the States, all in a seemingly simultaneous fashion. By the time one plate is spun and balanced it is time to re-spin another and another. It gets dizzying if we don’t stop and just let some plates fall sometimes.

While away at the CP training we let a lot of plates fall and this week is all about trying to re-spin and re-balance them. One big plate that must be re-balanced is a the divide in the AKZ group over what should go in the cup for the Lord’s Supper. Some say wine, some say juice, others say it doesn’t matter. One family in particular does not want to use wine because the husband was an alcoholic before meeting Jesus. A think it is certainly a valid concern for the conscience of the believer. So the group plans to meet this Sunday to discuss this and other potentially sensitive issues while seeking restoration and unity. Please pray:

  • For us as we prioritize tasks.
  • For the believers of AKZ as they gather on Sunday to resolve issues of conscience.