AKZ is Selecting Potential Leaders

  It has been a long week for us here in IFD. Anna and the kids have done every arts & craft, game or activity possible in attempt to stave off “stuck-in-the-house-because-of-rain” madness. The sun came out today so we are basking in the rays and sobering to the reality of nasty humidity. If 100% […]

Spinning Plates

We get asked often what a typical day is for us in the forest. There’s not one really. Our work here is lot like spinning plates. I saw a video once of a guy that balanced spinning plates on rods attached to his feet, legs, arms and head. I think he managed to balance 20+ […]

Two Nights in AKZ

  While it is true we live in a rainforest, it is a deforested rainforest. The canopy is gone and only small pockets of trees remain in the area where I spend most of my time hiking to villages. The rainforest with canopy and Lemurs is about 25Km west of our house and is protected […]

Two Baptisms – Two Villages

A Baptism in Mangalahenatra Ten believers traveled from AKZ to Mangalahenatra to share the gospel on August 9, 2012. After weeks of hearing the gospel, Papan’ i Dery’s brother decided that the message his brother is preaching is true. The believers from AKZ “tested” him on “what is the gospel?” They agreed he understands the […]

AKZ: All In

All of us are hiking to AKZ Sunday for worship (Anna and the kids included). It is a three kilometer hike one way. The trails are mostly dry now as the rain season has tapered off. Please Pray: For a dry day on the trail. Rain would make this trip very difficult. For sure footing. […]