Baptism and Elders in AKZ

Last Sunday (March 10) Tim stayed home to keep the kids while Anna rested with fever and a sore throat. Even in Tim’s absence the believers in AKZ baptized two more who repented of sin and believed in Jesus to be saved. Papan’i Dery and Ramano baptized the two young men. This week Tim severely […]

Two Baptisms – Two Villages

A Baptism in Mangalahenatra Ten believers traveled from AKZ to Mangalahenatra to share the gospel on August 9, 2012. After weeks of hearing the gospel, Papan’ i Dery’s brother decided that the message his brother is preaching is true. The believers from AKZ “tested” him on “what is the gospel?” They agreed he understands the […]

Baptism: Ramano and Papan’ i Dery

Ramano and Papan’ i Dery, two men in Ankazotsara, were baptized Thursday, December 8, 2011 in the river outside of the village. Both gave their testimony and publicly professed Jesus Christ as their Lord. The gospel was preached and a call for sinners to repent and believe was clearly exclaimed to those who witnessed the […]