Two Baptisms – Two Villages

A Baptism in Mangalahenatra Ten believers traveled from AKZ to Mangalahenatra to share the gospel on August 9, 2012. After weeks of hearing the gospel, Papan’ i Dery’s brother decided that the message his brother is preaching is true. The believers from AKZ “tested” him on “what is the gospel?” They agreed he understands the […]

Analobahiny Ambony Visit

I went to Mangalhenatra yesterday and learned that Marcelan, our contact there, had not returned from AKZ where he worshiped on Sunday. The second village planned for our trip was Analobahiny Ambony so I traveled their to stay the night. The only connection I have with this village is through a Catholic catechist who lives […]


Tim travels south to the village named “to steal shame” Tuesday until Thursday. Marcelan, a man from this village, came to AKZ two Sundays ago asking us to visit them and bring the same powerful faith that he witnessed in the life of Papan’i Dery. Please Pray: for Tim’s safety in the village. for Anna […]