Teaching Church Discipline

Church discipline may be a foreign term to you. Its not wholly your fault, church leadership has a responsibility to teach the body how to handle situations when professing believers regularly practice private or public sins. Today I am writing a brief lesson for the believers in AKZ so they can understand that believers will continue to sin and that they as the body have a responsibility to address the sin, not simply ignore it (and not throw stones either).

The issue is daunting enough to teach a church body in English. Wrestling with the concept and the nuanced phrases in the Malagasy Bible is challenging. When the lesson is finished I may be familiar with terms and phrases related to church discipline, but would still need my notes on hand to have a conversation with a Malagasy believer about the issue.

The lesson is part of a series of lessons that will be provided to the believers in print and in audio format on SD card. We want to engage both the literate and illiterate believers with God’s commands for the local body in how they worship gathered and scattered. This week we are focusing on writing the final two lessons and hopefully recording the last four for the SD project.