Teaching ESL using the Bible

A Peace Corp worker started teaching English in our town about two years ago. She has since left the country leaving the students with no way to further their language skills. The students asked Tim to teach them English a few weeks ago. He was clear to the students that teaching ESL is not why he came to Madagascar but agreed to teach them if the Bible is the curriculum. The students agreed so Tim taught the first class last week.

The skill of the five students varies from beginner to functional in the language so the lessons include both Malagasy and English to ensure comprehension of the content. The goal is to expose them to the Gospel, teach them how to study the Bible at home, and complete a brief discipleship lesson set.

Please Pray:

  • the students hear and believe the Gospel.
  • they complete their homework assignments which include them teaching others in Malagasy or English what they learn each week.