The Disconnect

We exceeded our monthly cellular internet plan of 1600MB near the end of last month and Airtel disconnected Tim from using his phone. At the turn of the month the internet was restored and we are connected again to the WWW.

Not much has happened during the disconnect but to list a few:

  • a teaching time in AKZ
  • a backyard Bible study for kids
  • took our deworming meds (which are working. sorry, no pics)
  • repaired our water tower float switch
  • replaced our truck’s dead battery
  • installed a new, bright light in the office and kitchen
  • began construction of the kid’s climbing wall (tim is included in “kid’s”)

In general we live in a disconnect because of location and limited communication options so when internet is taken away (and a few times this week power too) we seem to just keep plugging along without much interruption to daily life.

Tim will worship in AKZ tomorrow. The group says that there are five ready to be baptized. One has requested to be baptized by Tim; Romano will baptize the rest.

One thought on “The Disconnect

  1. Great news to haer that all is well.. and to hear that more people are ready to be in the life of God. Give the babies hugs from GiGi. love to all mom

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