The Feet of SEMAD CP



After years of hiking in the forest I have tried a lot different kinds of shoes, boots, and sandals. All of them get wet, muddy, and wear on my feet. Last week I joined Washer, another Church Planter on the SEMAD team, to engage the Antefasy here in Southeast Madagascar. I was reminded of a lot that day, the importance of sunscreen, the need to respect the elders, and that mud is not just in the rainforest. It seems that to engage many of the people of SEMAD we are going to get our feet dirty. ….how beaut….

Last week we were reminded that it is imperative to seek permission from the local government before starting work in an area. To smooth out a misunderstanding in a village work had started in we decided that this week we would return to the government offices and seek all the necessary papers to clear the way for future IMB work in the area. Today we traveled back to that area and we were shown favor with the government. There are still more officials to meet in the future and letters to request so this process is still not complete.

Tim has a future trip into the rainforest to survey a new area. The same process of seeking government approval must be followed before beginning work there. So the moment he steps off the train in the forest he will not begin sharing, he will seek out the local government offices to build relationship and trust there first.


Please pray:

  • for Washer as he begins work among the Antefasy. Pray the government shows him favor and he can begin work in the villages he has invitations.
  • for Tim as he prepares for a possible trip into the forest by train. Pray God grants him wisdom as he makes decisions. Pray the government officials show him favor and allow him to work in the villages there.

One thought on “The Feet of SEMAD CP

  1. Wow, those are some ugly feet.
    Praying for the local governments that they will grant you permission to work in every new area that you are pursuing & that you’ve been invited to.
    Also taking this time to pray for your family. Love from Uganda.

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