The Week Ahead: February 18, 2013

This week will be a week of firsts.

  • The first recording session for the SD Card Project will happen this week.
  • The first testing of the cards in the village will happen this week.
  • The first group-appointed men will step forward as a leadership candidates in AKZ.

The SD Card Project is moving forward in small steps. Tim writes a lesson, waits for a national to correct his poor Malagasy, then adds the corrections to the document. This week Tim will meet with Rivo, a national partner, to record the first two lessons. These two lessons will be included in this first, limited distribution among believers in AKZ. After a few days of listening and making notes for clarity of teaching and clarity of voice, any necessary corrections will be made to the recordings or the scripts as needed.

Please pray:

  • For God to give us wisdom as we decide what are the FIRST lessons to include on the card.
  • For Rivo’s health, mainly his vocals to endure the reading and re-reading of scripts.
  • For God to strengthen the men in AKZ who will enter into a leadership discipleship course. Ask God to give them clear minds to learn and boldness to ask questions when they do not understand.
  • For God to help our ears to hear Malagasy well. For God to help our minds and our tongues to speak Malagasy well.