Tim’s Foot & Our Travels

It will be three weeks this Tuesday since Tim’s fall in the village. His foot is still swollen, with residual bruising and pain in several areas. We are arrived today in the capital city to get better medical care for his foot before our annual meeting. The Easter holiday is delaying our attempts to get into a clinic with Western-world doctors. The plan is to get x-rays and possibly an MRI tomorrow and decide what further care is needed.

Since the accident, all our ministry plans have been put on hold. Unable to reach the villages, we did not complete the discipleship classes in AKZ this month. Our plan for April is to get Tim healed and stay sane as we anticipate being able to jump back into the work with whole hearts and whole health.

Please Pray…

  • Health. Pray we are guarded from sickness during our meeting as we fellowship with Ms from several different countries, all carrying new viruses and stomach bugs waiting to greet us.
  • Tim. Pray for fast healing and recovery. Pray specifically that surgery is not necessary and he regains full mobility.
  • Our travels. Tim’s medical and our meeting have us driving on bad roads. Pray for Anna as she dodges people, bicycles, cow carts, cows, and pousse-pousse. Ask that we are guarded from accident in travels this month.