Tungiasis: Sand Flea Infection

Some Ms (who I will not name here) on the island don’t believe sand fleas exist, or that they can get into your feet and lay eggs. Silly people… I woke this morning to my toe throbbing and itching. It was red and blue. I soaked my foot in hot salt water for a few minutes then pulled back layers of dead skin to find the egg sack in my toe. Tungiasis is found mainly in the Africa, especially in Nigeria, the Caribbean, especially in Trinidad, Central and South America, and India. (Source)


It is important while removing the egg sack TO NOT BREAK the sack. Things get messy if you do.


After removing the sack and cleaning the general area, I now have a nice crater in my toe. I filled it with anti-biotic cream and covered it. How beautiful are the feet…