Two Kinds of Sickness

Ankazotsara has two prominent illnesses. Man has no self-made remedy for the first illness, sin. Man has gone to great lengths to cure the second which is the result of the Fall in Eden, physical sickness and death. Mell and Seth joined our team and hiked to Ankazotsara on mission to help us engage both the physical and spiritual sickness of the people in the rainforest.

Our medical mission team.









Our team arriving at Ankazotsara.











Seth teaching about desease transmission and control.









Tim preaching in Malagasy from 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 and Ephesians 1:13-14









Seth writing prescriptions for the sick.










Seth trying to remove plastic from a woman’s ear.










Tim translating for Seth during the clinic.











Mell caring for an elder woman of Ankazotsara.










Mell caring for a newborn.










Mell, Seth and Tim making Jesus famous in Ankazotsara.









Enjoying lunch after an amazing time together.









Thanks to Him who brought Seth and Mell here to love the people of Ankazotsara. Thanks to Him who gave them the knowledge to care for the sick. Thanks to Him for giving up for us Jesus, the REMEDY to our deadly illness of sin.

One thought on “Two Kinds of Sickness

  1. Tim and Anna~

    Wow… These pictures are amazing! You are truly visiting the sick, as God has called us all to do. Mark and I are inspired by your work and keep you in our prayers daily. Blessings to you both and may God continue to use you and your family for His mighty work. Love and miss you guys!!

    Mark and Erin

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