Unplug: The Isalo Retreat

Ironically, we are taking a reprieve from the drought in the rainforest to attend a retreat where there is plentiful water in Isalo. We are leaving the daily grind of filling buckets of water for washing dishes, flushing the toilet and bathing to join the Southwest Mada team for a retreat in Isalo this week. We are trading bucket duty for living in a tent, but they have running hot water in their bath houses; a fair trade I say.

One thought on “Unplug: The Isalo Retreat

  1. I hope you guys had a great reprieve from the drought at the retreat. Sometimes I think that I am ‘giving up’ so many luxuries by coming to Uganda, and then…I read a post like this. Ha! The work you guys are doing, ahem, the Lord is doing through you, is just amazing. I was thinking just the other day how Anna is one of the strongest women I know. I mean that. God can do so much through us when we are willing. Thank you for saying yes.

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