up and down and up…

If your reading this, thanks for coming back. The site has been up again for a few days but I am only now getting to post. Many thanks go to our friend for his help getting the site up again.

A lot has happened in the month since I last wrote. A friend from Uganda stayed with us for a week. Jeremy and I hiked every Thursday to Ankazatsara to study the book of Acts with the interested people there. We also recently survived a household of sickness that only spared Juliana.

In five weeks we moved from meeting in the public meeting area in the village to the village great-room and now into a lady’s home. As we have studied in Acts about the Holy Spirit falling on the 120 in the upper room, Peter preaching his 9am sermon and the number of believers growing to 3000, Peter and John’s healing of the lame man, Peter’s second sermon and John and Peter’s arrest the core group we started with continues to attend each week.

We learned two weeks ago in Acts that the believers met for study in the temple court and shared meals in their homes daily. I can only speculate that the model of meeting in homes found in Acts may have inspired one of the women in our group to open her home to our Bible study time. This is a significant change because many of our national partners and other Malagasy in general told us that meeting in Malagasy home for study would culturally not work. This past Thursday was our first meeting in her home; however, I didn’t notice the cultural uneasyness we were told about.

This week we have a Malagasy seminary student joining the work in the rainforest. Jean Jacque will live here for about eight weeks and hike to the villages with us in order to finish his practicum for seminary. A lot is taking beginning to come together at once and makes for busy times. I’ll keep you updated…

2 thoughts on “up and down and up…

  1. Welcome Back, Tim and Anna!! It’s great to see you back on your blog, instead of an add for financing or whatever that was! Love you guys!!

  2. Great! We are glad you are back with the blog so we can share some of your mission activities. We are impressed with you great relations with the Mada customs and glad all is going well and the Nortons are recovering from the Jungle diseases you have had. Mell

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