Update 2 – Tsiky’s Eye



If you’re just tuning in you can follow Tsiky’s story here and here.

Tim stayed at Ramano and Lo-lo’s house, Tsiky’s parents, during Cyclone Giovanna last week. Tsiky is doing much better than in recent weeks. He smiles again and will even laugh sometimes. While the residual effects of the illness no longer bother his vision or his behavior, it has left an effect on him. He still touches his eye when talking with Tim almost as if he’s trying to cover or hide the sore that remains. Pray the remaining sore and any internal infection that may remain is healed.

One thought on “Update 2 – Tsiky’s Eye

  1. blessed are the weak for He is strong======”Jesus loves the little children all the children of the world” will pray for that smile on Tsiky’s face gets brighter. Tell him your mama loves him already, and many more have fallen for him. love mom

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