Ampitambe (APB)


Ampitambe is a ten minute hike from AKZ and is located on the bank of a river that provides their water and a food source. Before the school closed, children from APB would hike to AKZ for school. Now that there is no school, the kids play with their friends all day in the hills or fish and swim in the river.


Angeline lives in APB. Before October of 2012 she had not heard the gospel. She could not believe that salvation is free and that God would forgive her of all her sin. She didn’t provide details but she made it sound like she was a horrible person and wrestled with the idea that she could be forgiven. This brokenness was a sign to me that she really understands that she is dead in her trespasses and sin. She has heard the gospel; Pray that God grants her repentance and faith.








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