Visiting Family in SC – Part III

Being that it’s Tuesday, we need to sum up our trip to SC. On Wednesday night we celebrated a lot of birthdays all-in-one style. Anna’s birthday is July 5th, her moms is July 9th, and since all the family was together we needed to celebrate her dad’s 60th birthday too! Judah enjoyed the party but then he got a little too hot from being outside.So we stripped him down to his huggies and all was well again!
We left SC EARLY Saturday morning for Charlotte to visit Josh & Tasha Via. For family & friends who don’t know Josh & Tasha – visit their site HERE (give it a moment to load). They are currently in the studio recording their next album. (perhaps more on this in another post…)

Josh (Fro)

Tasha (Yosha)

Rainy and Zeke are more interested in Judah’s bouncer than he is.
Zeke holding Judah – or – Judah squashing Zeke?
The Boys – Zeke, Fro, & Judah
Zeke with his cool safari hat!