Visiting the Sick in AKZ and IFD


Tim visited on Monday with Ramano and Lolo, believers from AKZ. Lolo is sick and went to the doctor for injections due to a female-related illness. Injections seem to be a favored form of treatment here. They have moved from their hut in AKZ to another in their fields about an hour away. They are still enduring in the faith and continue to study the Bible in their home with their five kids.

We went to the hospital in IFD this morning to visit mothers of newborn babies and to give them an unexpected gift and share the gospel. During the last visit we left a gift with the doctor to be given to the first-born of 2013. That family was discharged from the hospital this morning providing us an opportunity to meet them. The grandmother was glowing with excitement because this was her first grandchild.

The only other woman in the maternity ward delivered her baby last night. Sadly, the baby was dead before delivery. We did not anticipate the reality that some of the mothers we would encounter in our visits would be mothers suffering loss. Due to the situation, Tim stayed with the kids in the car. Anna and Vololona visited with the grieving mother, gave her the gift and prayed with her.

Please Pray:

–          For Lolo to recover from her illness quickly. Now is the time to plant and she needs the strength to join her husband in the preparation of the fields.

–          For the mother who lost her child. Receiving the news shortly after delivery, she must heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.