Vohitrarivo – Rained Out

Tim visited Vohitrarivo last week and shared the gospel with some of the people there. They were amazed that salvation is a free gift and that we would not charge them for bringing this message. They learned that the catechist in this area has told them that if they do not pay their tithe then they are kept from worship, observing the Lord’s Supper and ultimately communion with God. They have invited Tim and the believers from AKZ to come back to teach more about salvation that is free by the blood of Jesus.

Tim and believers were scheduled to go back Friday but the rain closed the road. The road north of our home has recently been repaired, but the man responsible for the repair has also put a bar that he locks when it rains to keep all vehicles except dirt bikes off the road. This canceled their trip yesterday. The trip is rescheduled for Tuesday pending weather and the road opening.

Please Pray…

  • The Tanala of this area are reached with half truths. The denominations in this area have confused the people with admixtures of truth and lie, bad hermeneutics and syncretism.
  • Bandits are frequently at work in the north. Weekly there is either a report of theft, armed robbery, or murder in the Tsaratanana area. Safety as we go this new area is a concern.
  • Wisdom as we consider how to consistently engage an area that is far north of our house and is blocked by a bar gate during rainy days. The rain season is coming and this will mean that the bar  is locked most of the time. How can we continue to engage these villages so far north if the road is closed?