While Tim was still in the rainforest the doctor told Anna that baby Norton could arrive any day. For those who prayed that she would wait until Tim could fly into Joburg, your prayers were answered. Baby Norton has decided to wait even longer than the doctor recently predicted, even through today, her due date.

As we wait, we have been able to slow down and breathe. Tim played with Judah on the playground for most of the day. There is nothing better than dad and son in the dirt playing trucks. They also took a nap together this afternoon. We have been transitioning so much the past three months there was little time for r&r. We are thankful for the time to be family as we wait for baby sister to arrive.

Continue to pray for Anna and baby as we expect her arrival soon! Pray for Judah as he realizes he is no longer king of the castle! Pray for Tim to do all that is necessary to complete the forms to receive documentation in order to return to Mada…

One thought on “Waiting

  1. Cool, I just finished praying for you guys after God brought you to our minds. So wish we could be there with you. I am sure you are enjoying a little ‘waiting’ time, in a way…just to get the r and r. I guess Judah is in for it, but I bet after a while he will enjoy sharing his throne and helping care for his baby sister. I can’t wait to see her pictures. Praying for you guys!! Anna, beast it, okay!! I know you will!! And, Tim…be a great partner and help her beast it!! Proud of you guys!

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