Wednesday Backyard Bible Club – Week 2


Life was too crazy last Wednesday to take pictures of the fifty kids that invaded our backyard to learn a Bible story. This week twenty five kids came to hear the story of creation and the fall of man. The kids are really into learning new songs and playing games. Tim captured on camera this rare moment when Judah was not running around and interrupting the entire group.

Mirana, our friend and language teacher, is helping Anna with the stories. Anna is using her as a translator during the story time but really desires to move to storying solo by the end of this year. Pray for the kids who come to the Wednesday afternoon Bible Club to have ears that are hearing. Pray for the gospel seed that is being planted in their hearts and minds to grow into saving faith. Pray that they hear the difference between faith plus works and faith alone in the finished work of Jesus on the cross for their sins.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Backyard Bible Club – Week 2

  1. I love seeing Anna getting to teach and work with this group of children! And seeing Judah right in the middle…very awesome!! Very, Very exciting!!

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