WEEK 5 – recap

Things I learned this week:

  • My waterproof case for the iPhone….isn’t
  • My waterproof boots are….but not in 15″ of water
  • The Canon 5D Mark II is heavy, especially hiking in the rain
  • I am expected to give beer to the village king, but bread will suffice

The IMB media team interviewed all the members of Team Tanala. They also filmed in the rain during their time in Ampitavanana. We do not have a definitive date for when the resources are available, but will post them when we know.

Judah has enjoyed playing trucks and ball with a Malagasy friend who lives nearby. Anna is beginning to converse with the mom’s as the children play. These times together have provided the opportunity to use her Malagasy.

4 thoughts on “WEEK 5 – recap

  1. Hey Tim,
    Jerry was just wondering how you were doing, so we looked at your new website.
    Things are about the same here at the Cliffs of the Valley. It has been a hot summer for us, I imagine you have had a lot more weather issues than we have. We hope that all is going well for you Anna and Judah.

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