Weekend Visitors

The Washers visited us this weekend for a quick trip away from their language study. They are living in the same house in Antsirabe we lived in during language study. Judah and Anjara asked all week when the Washer kids were coming. They were so excited to have English speaking kids their age to play with. During their time here Washer and Tim hiked to AKZ to visit the believers there and do a survey for a potential water pump project.

Tim's boots cracked and leaked but protected his feet. The sandals he has worn in the past have cut into his feet. He is still looking for the perfect rainforest footwear.

Tim’s boots cracked and leaked but protected his feet. The sandals he has worn in the past have cut into his feet. He is still looking for the perfect rainforest footwear. These are not the solution.


Using a Garmin GPS Washer and Tim made several waypoints along the river and in the village in order to know the heights and distances for the pump. Using a GPS made the survey easier than pulling a tape measure from point to point and would have eaten into most of our afternoon. When the survey was finished Washer was able to share the gospel with a group of people on the edge of the village. Then they returned to Papan’i Dery’s house for coffee.

AKZ was attacked by twelve bandits last month in the middle of the night. Two homes were raided during the chaos. Tim heard different reports but it is certain that one bandit was killed and another lost his arm in the attack. Now the village pays for a night guard. The night guard invited Washer and Tim into his home where they learn that he is from AKZ. Tim asked him if he knew about the gospel and he answered, “I spend my year working my field but what you talk about I do not know.” As Tim shared the gospel with him he clarified that Jesus is like the lamb without blemish whose blood was shed for our sin. Later when Washer and Tim ate dinner with Papan’i Dery he explained that the guard still worships according to the ancestral traditions, by bringing a blood sacrifice to the ancestors. The AKZ guard is close because he understands the necessity for blood sacrifice yet still far off because he is trusting in the wrong blood.

Washer sharing with children in AKZ.

Washer sharing with children in AKZ.


Children are everywhere in AKZ and they always swarm you if you give them attention. When they woke on Sunday morning Washer is sharing with the children about himself and his family and practicing language. Afterwards, they ate breakfast, packed the tent and hiked out.

Please Pray:

  • For the AKZ guard who has heard the gospel and will continue to hear it from the believers in AKZ that he might believe and be saved.
  • For the Washers as they study language. Ask God to make their minds like sponges to soak up the language.



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  1. Prayers continue for your family and the people. so happy your family had a visit from the Washer’s. I am sure you enjoyed time with like believers. I am happy a night guard is available for protection.

  2. Great to get to read your blog. We continue to pray for your family. Thanks for sharing the story about the night watchman and the chance to share faith with him. We will certainly pray that he continues to reflect and be open to God’s leadership. Blessings on your family.

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