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I’ve been asked twice this week about our work here. I have tried to find the balance between telling the story of our life here and complaining. I think I have erred on the side of not saying anything at all, which is not good for our friends and family stateside. So here is our story…

This week we have been managing plumbers who are still not through with the work. They promise they will finish tomorrow.  Tim did not go to the village with the other team members because he needed to ensure the work at the house is finished and to meet with IMB personnel about the mold in the house.

When we returned from our annual meeting we came home to mold growing in every room of our house. Drink up boys, the penicillin is free… So today’s meeting was a review of the work done in the house and why some of it must be done again. The house will be repainted, not because of the wrong colors, but because the mold issue was not addressed before they painted.

Next week the leaking, molded gutters that are not feeding our cistern will be repaired. We are 100% rain dependent for water and the repairs are essential.

There is clarity on the situation after the meeting about what must be done and who will manage the work.  In the weeks ahead we are making our house livable and are preparing for Anna and Judah to fly to Joburg. Tim will continue oversight of the work at the house. We concluded that the best time for the corrections to be made would be while Anna and Judah are in Joberg for the delivery. Tim will manage the workers in the house and try to make the house livable for baby girl.

In weeks since our move to the rainforest we have yet to make it “home.” Our desire is to be home in the rainforest among the Tanala people. Pray that our attempts to “plant and rebuild” our life here do not discount us from opportunities to share the gospel in the midst of the mundane.

2 thoughts on “What are you doing…

  1. You all have a such a great attitude. I can only imagine all the emotions ya’ll feel with all of these different transitions and “complications” but, even as you are discouraged, I can see your dependence on God!

    Miss ya’ll.

  2. Thank you for the detailed post. A post like this is definitely more helpful for your friends and family stateside than ‘saying nothing at all.’ Wow, I know you guys are so ready to have your house a ‘home’ and have all these issues dealt with and manageable. I’m sure there are times when you have just wanted to cuss, Tim, am I right 😉 ? BUT, it seems like you guys are being patient and that you have a good attitude, and that is just great! What great opportunities you have to show Christ every day in the frustrating ‘mundane’ irritating preparations for your home. Miss you guys so much. Praying for baby girl, your family, and your home. Love you guys.

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