what is church?

What makes church, church? What are the bare minimums to be considered a church, according to Scripture? The believers of Morafeno have been wrestling with ideas about church, particularly tithing and the felt need for a separate building apart from they hotel they currently meet in.

Today Tim taught through Paul’s first missionary journey, stressing that elders were established among all the churches. He also taught through Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3 examining the requirements for elders and deacons. He asked how can the believers of Morafeno be like the first churches of Acts in their gathering for worship?

Today was a pivotal moment for the believers of Morafeno as they agreed there exists a clear teaching in Scripture about identifiable leadership in the local body. Tim challenged them to allow today’s lesson to brew in their hearts and minds for a while before acting, allowing the Holy Spirit to confirm their beliefs about what is true. The body decided to meet on Thursday afternoon to discuss more the issues of leadership, giving, and a building project.

Pray that the believers of Morafeno would understand the need for identified leadership among the local body. Pray they would seek the Scriptures to discern their priorities regarding leadership, tithing, and a building project. Pray that they might not fall into the same snare as many churches have thinking they need a building to be acknowledge among the community. Pray that a leader from within the believers of Morafeno would present himself qualified by Scripture, chosen by the people.

To clarify for many, Tim has no intention of being identified as a pastor/elder among the believers of Morafeno. The people must choose among themselves an elder/pastor, and when needed, deacons.

I am excited to see and participate in the formation of a church, but desire to only edify the believers, not hinder in their growth in Christ.