When Your Wife’s Not Looking

The best time to have mold removed from your house is obviously before you move in. The second best time to remove mold from your is when your wife is in another country.

The workers started their demo work this week to tackle the mold problem. I thought that since the house will be messy anyway I would have tile installed on the kitchen counter as a welcome home present. Little did I realize that they would need to demo the kitchen to and install  a cement counter with supports underneath. They are still thinking about how the concrete counter and wood will work out. This is getting interesting.

Not inserting a plug for 40/40, but I’m washing my dishes with water from a rain barrel in a plastic basin outside the house . I’m thankful we a have gas stove that still works sitting in the middle of the great room.

One thought on “When Your Wife’s Not Looking

  1. Oh. My heart sank when I saw these pics. They are tearing up some stuff, huh? Probably good that Anna is away for all that. Is the grey colored stuff the mold? If not, what is the mold? Can you point that out? Wow, Tim… Praying for you guys

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